• Vladimir Putin and Kazakh counterpart Kassym-Jomart Tokayev discussed bringing “order” to Kazakhstan.
  • An alliance headed by Russia has sent soldiers to Central Asia.
  • Demonstrators allegedly attacked the country’s largest city.
  • A total of 18 police officers have been murdered and 748 have been wounded.
  • He had ordered security forces to “murder without notice” to suppress the violent demonstrations.

“Order” to Kazakhstan

During a phone discussion, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh counterpart Kassym-Jomart Tokayev discussed bringing “order” to Kazakhstan. Which has seen dozens slain, hundreds wounded, and thousands of demonstrators imprisoned.

President Tokayev informed Putin that the situation in Kazakhstan was “progressing towards stability.” The Kremlin claimed on Saturday. Furthermore, he voiced his “appreciation” for the deployment of a Russia-led military bloc in Kazakhstan.

Declaration of State of Emergency

An alliance headed by Russia has sent soldiers to Central Asia to assist settle recent turmoil after violent demonstrations there. The country’s leadership has resigned while declaring a state of emergency in the country.

Threat to Autocracy

Autocratic Tokayev’s reign faces its greatest threat yet, with public outrage over an increase in gasoline costs spreading to broader displeasure with the government over issues such as a lack of economic opportunity and a lack of access to healthcare, human rights groups say.

Demonstrators allegedly attacked the country’s largest city, Almaty, on January 5 and set fire to the city’s major administrative building, according to local media reports. In addition, there were allegations of fatal police and military battles, a statewide Internet outage, and damage to structures in three major cities.

According to an Almaty police officer, scores of demonstrators lost their lives and hundreds wounded during the violence that lasted until the next day. According to Russian official news agency TASS, security personnel opened fire on demonstrators and heard explosives near Almaty’s Republic Square.

Emergency Situation, President of Kazakhstan Asks for Russian Military Assistance.

Day of Mourning

As stated by his press office on Saturday, Tokayev designated January 10 a national day of mourning in memory of those who lost their lives during the country’s recent wave of violent demonstrations.

A total of 18 police officers have been murdered and 748 have been wounded as of January 7, according to state broadcaster Khabar 24, citing the Interior Ministry. More than 3,000 demonstrators have been arrested, according to the official TV, who also reported the deaths of 26 “armed criminals” and the injuries of 18.

According to the press office, the Kazakh president “signed an order establishing January 10 a day of national mourning in Kazakhstan in connection with the human casualties as a consequence of terrorist attacks in the country” on Twitter.

Murder Without Notice

After the leader announced Friday that he had ordered security forces to “murder without notice” to suppress the violent demonstrations that have crippled the former Soviet republic, this comes as a response.

At the outset of this week’s turmoil, President Tokayev stated that well-trained “terrorist bandits” from both within and outside the nation had orchestrated it. In justifying the government’s use of violence and disproportionate force against the demonstrators, neither the president nor CNN has provided any evidence.

Situation goes out of hand as the leader of Kazakhstan issues a ‘kill without notice’ order.

Situation in Nursultan

Nursultan Nazarbayev’s press secretary tweeted Saturday that the former president is still in the country. Despite speculations that he had fled during the turmoil. Aidos Ukibai, his press secretary, said that the long-serving leader was still in Nursultan. Although he provided no proof for the claim.

“The nation’s leader is still in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Nur-Sultan. Please refrain from disseminating erroneous data. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and the leader of the country are conducting conversations “Ukibai made the following statement.

Ukibai said that Nazarbayev has spoken with the presidents of nations that are favorable to Kazakhstan. He spoke with them on the phone several times.

“The leader of the nation urges the people of Kazakhstan to unite behind the President of Kazakhstan. In order to overcome present difficulties and safeguard the safety of the country,” he said.

On Wednesday, Tokayev announced that he had succeeded Nazarbayev as the chairman of the country’s Security Council. He stated that in a televised speech. Protesters in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan’s southeast Almaty area, tore down a Nazarbayev monument earlier this week.

Kazakhstan is in turmoil and regional troops have been sent to quell unrest.

Prime Minister’s Resignation

Protests forced Prime Minister Askar Mamin to quit, according to the New York Times. On Wednesday, Alikhan Smailov was designated acting prime minister. Moreover, members of the government would continue to serve until the formation of the next cabinet.

After almost three decades in government, Nazarbayev announced his departure as president in March 2019. Soviet Union broke apart in 1991. He was the last remaining head of state in charge of the 15 former Soviet republics.

Following his resignation, the capital city was given his name.

Autocrat Nazarbayev ruled Kazakhstan with an iron fist: Kazakh President Nazarbayev won 98 percent of the vote in a presidential election marred by irregularities and without true political competition, according to a State Department human rights assessment released in 2018 (Pavlova & Mendonca, 2022).


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