• A Different Look for Green Goblin
  • A new Green Goblin played by James Franco?
  • What is the theory about a second Green Goblin?
  • Is there a sixth villain?

Second Teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home

The second teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home indicates that the New Goblin, played by Harry Osborn, would not be appearing in the film. It is, in fact, Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn.  James Franco played Goblin in Spider-Man 3 in Sam Raimi’s universe. He will not be coming back in  Spider-Man: NWH.

Although the previews for No Way Home showed the long-anticipated arrival of some of Spider-Man’s Sonyverse foes, Marvel’s poorest held bombshell was the appearance of the multidimensional baddies.

Will James Franco reprise his role as Goblin Jr.?

Concerns and Conjectures

In addition to Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and the film’s trailers and posters confirming Lizard and Sandman’s reappearance, the film’s cast and crew were all sighted on the site.

Fresh footage from the 2nd Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer reveals further proof that the Green Goblin and other adversaries from the first film are still in the movie. But there are still concerns and conjectures about other antagonists.

Another Goblin?

Second Green Goblin featured in the 2nd Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, unmasked and sporting goggles, like Franco’s Spider-Man 3 antagonist.

The uncovered look sometimes sparked suspicions that Dane DeHaan will reprise his role as Harry Osborn/New Goblin in No Way Home, however, the 4K version of the trailer indicates that the claims are unfounded.

Willem Dafoe unmasked and dressed in an alternative Goblin Glider armor, is the “second Green Goblin.”

Spider-Man: NWH is the most anticipated movie of 2021.

Hooves Sound

Many fans may have assumed that the noise of hooves was coming from zebras considering how No Way Home has been advertised. When they heard the hooting.

Seeing an entirely distinct Green Goblin (who wears a face mask akin to James Franco’s New Goblin. Instead of the full-mask Goblin head from Raimi’s Spider-Man flicks) in a brief, high-speed scene was always going to spark conjecture.

The multiverse is collapsing and villains are coming through

Goblin’s New Look

Second outfit for Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin was disclosed on Twitter. However, the HD video confirms that it’s Dafoe in the second Green Goblin armor.

Dafoe’s performance as Osborn is the only reason why Osborn’s costume changes. It changes from the traditional Green Goblin design shown somewhere else in the film.

Goblin from Amazing Spider-Man 2

They Deserve Another Chance

For Spider-Man: No Way Home, bringing back any incarnation of Harry Osborn would have been a letdown. Even if Lizard and Electro aren’t exactly top-tier villains, they deserve another opportunity. Specially, considering the way the Amazing Spider-Man movies mishandled their antagonists.

Trying to distract with another Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home? This would have been a mistake since there is already so much competition for screen time in the film.