• A wild Snorlax appears!
  • Robbers plunder Macy’s department store on April 15th, 2017.
  • Cops dismissed for pursuing Pokémon instead of escaping thieves.
  • Their in-car camera video revealed that they had been enjoying Pokémon Go.
  • The two cops then admitted to a sergeant that they hadn’t heard him on the radio.

A Wild Snorlax Appears!

The pursuit of Pokémon by two Los Angeles officers resulted in their dismissal from the force, according to court records. The two officers were parked on the street. At the time when a radio request came in asking police to go to a retail theft.

Their in-car camera video revealed that they had been enjoying Pokemon Go and opted to chase after a neighboring Snorlax instead of assisting their teammates. After a lengthy investigation, the force decided to dismiss them.

The cops saw a Snorlax on their Pokémon Go map and couldn’t resist.

The Pokémon

Axios discovered new information regarding the case after finding papers relating to the appeal’s rejection.  While driving to several spots where the imaginary animals supposedly emerged on their cell phones, petitioners “discussed Pokémon for about the next 20 minutes,” according to the records, after disregarding a radio request for backup.

Robbers plunder Macy’s department store on April 15th, 2017. While officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were on duty.  As per court filings, another officer, Capt Davenport, received the call and was able to view the business as well as another police cruiser stationed in an alley alongside.

When Capt. Davenport couldn’t wait any longer, he followed the second police car. It returned down the alley and drove away, leaving him to respond to the call. All by himself.

The two cops then admitted to a sergeant that they hadn’t heard him on the radio while he was attempting to reach them for backup.  However, the video from the in-car camera shows that they already reviewed the call and agreed not to answer it.

Their conversation turned to collecting Pokémon about five minutes after they had started.”  ‘Snorlax… suddenly appeared [at] 46th and Leimert,’ Officer Mitchell informed Lozano “, according to the records.

A 20-minute game session and talk ensued as the two departed in that way for their journey.  One can observe them discussing Snorlax’s capture. Moreover, the difficulty of the fight with Togetic – a different Pokémon – in the background.

“The men are going to be so envious,” Officer Mitchell stated.

Two Police Officers Fired for Playing Pokémon Go Instead of Supporting a Robbery.

The Dispute

When confronted with the claim that they were gaming while on duty, both cops disputed it, informing investigator Officer Mitchell that they had been “boasting about their scores” in a text group.

Records in the case state that “Det McClanahan found [the] petitioners were not being honest”.

Another hearing into their behavior revealed that they had failed to react to a robbery call, made false statements under inquiry, and ignored calls from the radio while on duty.

In the court’s words, the “petitioners confessed leaving their foot-beat area in quest of Snorlax but they argued they did so… both” as a part of an “additional patrol” and to “hunt this legendary monster,” as the court put it.

Their attorneys had contended that in-car records should not have been introduced as testimony since they were not designed to be used to capture private talks. After that, they took their case to court, but it was dismissed there as well. The complaint was likewise dismissed by the court of appeals, which ruled that the rights of the two former policemen had not been infringed (BBC, 2021).


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