• If Vincent d’Onofrio returns as the Kingpin in Hawkeye, it may be because of Thanos’ snap.
  • Those rumors seem to be coming true more and more.
  • The third episode of Hawkeye took things a step further.
  • In terms of loss, few suffered more than Hawkeye.
  • A guy like a Kingpin would have thrived under these circumstances.

Kingpin’s Return

If Vincent d’Onofrio returns as the Kingpin in Hawkeye, it may be because of Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War. This snap gave birth to the MCU’s Kingpin. Kingpin can enter MCU via Hawkeye. A relaunch of Vincent d’Onofrio’s performance as the character in Daredevil would be much more comic book authentic.

Hawkeye Auction

Those rumors seem to be coming true more and more. The Ronin outfit was up for auction on the black market. We saw that in Hawkeye episode 1. Moreover, Kate Bishop happened to stumble across it.

Hints in Hawkeye

It’s possible that Hawkeye inflicted much harm to Kingpin’s criminal empire. This was while he was operating under Ronin’s name, as the auctioneer said since he “nearly destroyed the prestige and authority” of organized crime’s chief.

The third episode of Hawkeye took things a step further. By introducing the history of a person called Echo. Echo character connects with Kingpin deeply. And a hint at Echo’s enigmatic uncle.

Echo’s mysterious uncle

MCU and Kingpin

When it comes to the MCU as a whole, how does a rebuilt Kingpin fit in? Even though they claimed to be tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Many of the former Marvel Netflix TV programs believed they were disconnected. The Thanos snap in Avengers: Infinity War may explain Kingpin’s ascent to power. Assuming that Marvel Studios’ Kingpin fits perfectly within the MCU chronology.

Ronin and Kingpin

By snapping his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War, half of the universe’s inhabitants, were obliterated. In terms of loss, few suffered more than Hawkeye. He saw his whole family erased from existence by Thanos’s power. Grieving, Hawkeye became Ronin and hunted those he considered unworthy of survival should the snap occur. Likewise, Kingpin’s life would have been drastically altered by Ronin’s attack since he had already established himself as a significant criminal figure by the time of Ronin’s rampage.

How Clint as Ronin challenged Kingpin’s network of criminals.

Consequences of the Snap

Marvel has so far refrained from delving too deeply into the ramifications of Thanos’ snap. Maybe because they thought it would make for a depressing narrative. Governments fell apart and food supplies were interrupted. Moreover, global commerce was broken due to the catastrophic events depicted in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. As nation-states fell apart, the remaining people fled for their lives, searching for safety. In the world Thanos had constructed, some people saw benefits. However, in reality, most people would have only experienced pain and loss.


A guy like a Kingpin would have thrived under these circumstances. Dominating demeanor is one of the greatest quality of Wilson Fisk. His surviving operatives would have been able to be mobilized quickly. Most likely faster than any remaining competitors. Who he would have rapidly exterminated, ensuring his empire. Massive emigration and the dissolution of national borders would have presented enormous chances for Kingpin as the new normal took hold. In addition, Kingpin’s staff would have been glad to give illicit substances to anyone who needed them, no doubt at a price.

Thanos’ snap wiped out 50% of the universe

It was five years after the events of Avengers: Infinity War when the Hulk reversed Thanos’ snap. On the other hand, Wilson Fisk would have had even more chances as a result of this. Political and international leaders strove to reestablish the old-world order in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And the Kingpin would have stood alongside them. Paying money for bribes, hoping to guarantee the restored world order would not inflict too much harm on his criminal empire. It would have been possible for Kingpin to grow his network. Specifically, in the second wave of mass migration when individuals were returned to their homelands. Since some of those returning would have worked for him. As a result, Kingpin’s network would have grown at an unprecedented rate, making him much more powerful than ever.

Massive Easter Egg

The only person standing in the way of the Kingpin would have been the enigmatic Ronin. Because he had been active in the Big Apple for some time. The vicious vigilante found himself at odds with Kingpin’s criminal organization. As Hawkeye episode 1’s black market auctioneer said, Ronin had come within a hair’s width of securing the weapon. We know for sure that when Black Widow apprehended Ronin in Avengers: Endgame, it’s unclear if he left New York because it was too hot for him or because of his efforts to destroy Kingpin’s worldwide criminal network.

Kingpin is the uncle of Echo character.

In the Shadows

Indeed, this explains why Kingpin’s agents reacted to the news that Ronin had returned to New York. Even if Kingpin’s henchmen had lost loved ones, it was probable that Echo was not the only one who had a personal interest in this. At least Kingpin would be keeping an eye on the situation from the shadows.

The danger of Ronin’s return, or even someone else taking up the Ronin name and goal, was too great for him to take in the first place. Regardless of the outcome, Kingpin would be ready to take on an Avenger like Hawkeye to neutralize the danger to his power base.

The Blip

Since the two Infinity Stone-powered snaps occurred five years apart, it is only conceivable that Kingpin and the Blip have any link. In terms of the MCU’s overall storyline, it’s safe to say that Marvel Studios will attempt to relate their version of the Kingpin to Avengers: Infinity War. There is just one race in the deck for Hawkeye and Kate Bishop; the fact that Clint Barton knows more than Kingpin, Echo, and Kate believe about all this (Bacon, 2021).


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