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[Solved] How to make your computer faster? Apps and software are slow?

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I have good RAM but my computer is slow. How do i make it fast? 

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This issue is very common in many laptops and computers. People save different things on desktop without knowing that, this can cause your windows to slow down. Computers with higher RAM still have slow computers.

Everything you see on your desktop is including folders, apps shortcuts, files, apps running in taskbar, sits on the RAM. For example, if RAM is 8GB and you have 20 folders, 20 files, 10 apps on desktop and some apps running in task bar, it will consume around 6GB of your RAM.

Now you are running your computer only on 2GB RAM, which is not enough and will slow down your computer.

As you can see in the above image, there are many useless folders, files, apps and apps running in taskbar. The solution is very easy.

  1. If you have many folder, try moving folders into other drives.
  2. Try to close or exit unnecessary apps running in the Taskbar.
  3. You don't have to keep all apps on the desktop. you can delete the shortcuts and still be able to open apps from Start menu.
  4. Create one folder for all files.

The empty your desktop is, faster your computer will be. It will take of the burden off from RAM. Now you will have more RAM memory to do all other stuff on your computer.

Watch Video for full instructions: