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How to fix dysfunct...
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[Solved] How to fix dysfunctional USB port?

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How to fix dysfunctional USB port for my computer? 

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There are many methods to fix dysfunctional USB port. Following are the methods:

Method 1:

First of all, you must restart your computer, Windows will automatically fix any issue in the USB.

Method 2:

Uninstall the driver of the USB port, it will force the Windows to reinstall the USB driver upon restarting.

1. Type 'Device Manager' in the Start Menu as shown below:

2. Expand "Universal Serial Bus controller".

3. Now right-click the entry "USB Host Controller" and then Click on "Uninstall".

4. Repeat this for all entries with "USB Host Controller" to "Uninstall" all drivers for USB ports as shown below:

5. Now restart your computer and it will force Windows to "reinstall all USB port drivers and fix all driver issues.

Now your issues has been resolved.

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