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[Solved] How to connect printer over the network with IP address?

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How do we connect printer via ip address? 

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It is very easy to connect printer to as computer via network using IP address (TCP/IP).

Follow few simple steps below:

1. Fist make sure that, printer is connected to network via ethernet or wirelessly.

2. Now find the IP address of the printer as shown below.


3. Now open the 'Printer and scanner' from start menu as shown below:

4. Click 'Add a printer and scanner' as shown below:

5. Now click 'the printer i want is not listed here' as shown below:

6. Select 'Add printer using TCP/IP' as shown below:

7. Now type printer's IP address in 'Hostname' as shown below:

8. Hit Next, select the recommended settings,

9. Type the name of your printer as desired. 

10. Hit Next and Click Finish.

Your Printer is now installed, you can check it from the list of all printers.

Click here to see the video instructions: https://youtu.be/KMMbFgZIj-k