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Drive is empty but ...
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[Solved] Drive is empty but showing low disk space error? How to make more space in your drives?

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Drive is empty but showing low disk space error? How to make more space in your drives?

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It is very common issue that, drives and all its folders are empty but we still receive low disk space error. We sometimes do not know that installed apps create folders and store all temp files or cache, which sometime occupies a lot of space. These temps files or folders are sometime hidden, so its very hard to locate them.

This error also occurs, when there are some apps are deleted from computer but leaves a lot of cache, that covers some space. There is a simple solution to that. Follow simple steps shown below.

1. First of all we have to download a software 'WinDirStat'. Just type the software name in Google and you would see the first link. This software is plug and play, means, does not need installation as shown below.

2. Once downloaded, please double click to run this software as shown below.

3. After opening, it will ask you to select drive to run scan, as shown below.  

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4. It will start running scan for that particular drive and will bring out all folders, files with their respective size. From there it will be easy to learn, which folder or file is occupying the most space. It also shows the path to locate the file or folder. Now you can deleted unwanted files and folders as shown below. Please do not deleted any file or folder which you do not know about. 

5. After deleting all unwanted files, restart your computer. Now you should not see 'low disk space error'.

The issue has been resolved.

To Watch Video Instruction, Click the link to watch our YouTube Channel video: