• As Echo, Maya Lopez gets her MCU debut in Hawkeye.
  • The disorder of Lopez, like Barton’s, does not detract from her combat prowess.
  • Clint Barton, grieving over the death of his kin at the hands of Thanos, took up the guise of Ronin.
  • Maya Lopez’s genesis chapter starts in Hawkeye’s third episode.
  • Lopez’s father is revealed to be the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia.


As Echo, Maya Lopez gets her MCU debut in Hawkeye, laying the groundwork for a potential spinoff show as well as a possible link between the MCU and Netflix series. As Ronin, Clint Barton pursued Lopez, the “Tracksuit Mafia’s” commander, played by Alaqua Cox.

The disorder of Lopez, like Barton’s, does not detract from her combat prowess. With ties to both street-level characters like Daredevil and the larger-scale superheroes of The Avengers, Lopez’s background in mainstream Marvel comics is limited yet interesting. The MCU’s Echo’s connection with her famed tutor will probably be affected by the modifications she makes to her comic version.

A Throwback!

Following Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye tells the backstory of a founder member of the Avengers and an aspiring superhero inspired by Hawkeye’s legacy in the wake of the Infinity Saga.

Clint Barton, grieving over the death of his kin at the hands of Thanos, took up the guise of Ronin and embarked on a bloody vendetta against the nefarious underbelly in the five years after the Mad Titan’s snap.

There is a criminal syndicate known as the Tracksuit Mafia, led by the fearsome Maya Lopez and Clown (Kazi Kazimierczak), who looks to be her second-in-command, that is made up of not very intelligent brutes.

Marvel Reveals Best Look Yet at Daredevil-Connected Echo In New Hawkeye Disney+ Trailer

Echo and Ronin

Lopez has a great interest in Barton’s Ronin identity making a comeback. Barton joins forces with Kate Bishop. She is misunderstood as the first outlaw while donning the legendary Ronin costume to defend her identity and protect herself.

During Hawkeye, Barton has proven to be a considerably more powerful opponent than his reputation indicates. He has also proven to be a valuable comrade to Bishop during this time. Although Barton cannot defeat Lopez without substantial effort, this shows that Echo in the MCU is quite similar to her comic book version in terms of fighting ability, even if the story arc of the MCU version differs significantly.

Maya Lopez – Debut in Comics

Although a relatively new character in the Marvel comics world, Maya Lopez has a long and distinguished past. Lopez makes her comic book debut in a 1999 issue of Daredevil as the child of Wilson Fisk’s henchman, dubbed The Kingpin. On the instructions of Kingpin, Lopez’s father was slain, but Fisk fostered her and maintained the death of her father hidden.

Lopez developed a lethal martial arts technique that she revealed to the Taskmaster, an enemy of the Avengers. Using his “photographic reflexes,” Lopez was able to duplicate the abilities of anybody just by watching them. The name “Echo” was coined because of this capacity.

Maya Lopez, a.k.a Echo, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe began as a rumour more than a year ago.

Echo and Daredevil

When Fisk deceived Echo into thinking that Daredevil was guilty of her father’s death, the two became enemies. Echo’s martial arts expertise and photographic reflexes made her a formidable force for Murdock, who could settle their conflict by telling her the facts regarding her father.

Lopez turned against Fisk and became an ally of Daredevil as a result of this. While working with Wolverine and Moon Knight, Lopez devised the Ronin mantle that Clint Barton would eventually use, and she became a part of The Avengers.

Maya’s Genesis

This is how the MCU’s Maya Lopez’s genesis chapter starts in Hawkeye’s third episode, “Echoes,” through flashbacks. It is revealed that she has a similar backstory to the comic book character, including her father’s terrible death and her underestimation of her abilities.

On the other hand, Lopez’s father is revealed to be the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia, a group that was previously associated with Kingpin. It is revealed that Ronin, not The Kingpin, murdered Lopez’s father. Fisk seems to foster Echo after her father’s demise, even though he isn’t expressly revealed as Vincent D’Onofrio’s Fisk from Netflix’s Daredevil.

It quickly became apparent the deaf superhero, which originated in a 1999 issue of Daredevil, would make her MCU debut in the streaming series Hawkeye.

Echo as an MCU Character

In the MCU, these changes will significantly alter Echo’s depiction of the character. The Tracksuit Mafia may or may not have been a component of Fisk’s illicit enterprise during the flashbacks, but Lopez, who Fisk fostered, is undoubtedly a member of the gang.

With Ronin’s role as William Lopez’s murderer changing the relationship between Fisk, Echo, and Ronin, Echo would require a separate reason to flip on Fisk and become a hero, if she accomplishes this at all in the MCU because the Kingpin did not order her father’s killing.

If D’Onofrio’s Kingpin appears in Hawkeye, it will serve as a conclusive tie-in between the TV episodes and the movies, making it apparent that they are part of the MCU canon.

Who is Alaqua Cox?

A novice to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Hollywood, Alaqua Cox portrays Maya Lopez well as Hawkeye’s Echo. Cox, like Lopez, is a member of the Mohican and Menominee tribes of Native Americans. In addition to Lopez and Makkari from Eternals, Cox is the third prominent deaf character in the MCU, after Clint Barton and himself (though Jeremy Renner is not deaf). Though Echo has been given a prosthetic limb in the MCU version of Cox, unlike Lopez, Cox is an amputee.

Does Hawkeye’s Echo Reveal Tease Daredevil and Kingpin?

Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin

Hawkeye’s relationship to Wilson Fisk suggests that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will be reintroduced into the MCU at some point. While Hawkeye may wait to divulge D’Onofrio’s involvement in the future Netflix series, Fisk will probably have a significant part in the upcoming Echo TV series.

It is expected that Echo will stay loyal to Fisk throughout Hawkeye and a significant chunk of her spinoff series since he seems to have no role in William Lopez’s killing. Perhaps Elektra or Matt Murdock (who is already speculated to feature in Spider-Man: No Way Home) might come in a supporting role, aiding Echo in her final atonement. Maya Lopez’s tale in the MCU might be brought to a close by having her take over the mantle of Ronin following Hawkeye’s actions (MILLER, 2021).


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